August 10th, 2019

Pictures and Investigation Report Coming Soon


Investigation - June 22nd 2019!

So, what’s the deal with this awesome place? Well, let me tell you!

The Licking County Historic Jail, built in 1889, is Licking County’s fourth jail. When it was constructed, the jail was lauded as the best and sturdiest jail the state had ever seen. Throughout its lifetime, the jail saw many tragic deaths including suicides, murders, and accidental deaths. Four sheriffs suffered heart attacks in the sheriff’s living quarters; there were numerous suicides such as those of Mae Varner and the infamous Walter Robertson; and there is the well-known tragic tale of Carl Etherington, who was lynched during the days of the Temperance Movement.

The very haunted Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio is a haven for full blown ghostly apparitions. The horror that was encountered, endured and experienced by many former inmates leaves the residual energy here purely terrifying.

Many guests and visitors have heard cell doors slamming, other have heard cries of help coming from areas that have been locked off, and still others have been touched and pushed.

The dungeon area is one of the most active and frightening areas, which has left many previous guests fleeing and refusing to continue.

We will be investigating this ghoulish jail on June 22nd 2019!

Stay tuned!

My team "Prism Paranormal" investigated Old Licking Jail in Newark, Ohio. The following is a flashlight session. I believe that I made contact with the spirit of a young child. The session took place in the dungeon which is the most haunted place in the jail. Old Licking Jail was built in 1889.

Ghost Road - Scugog, Ontario

Mississauga Trail is a stretch of road in Scugog also known as ‘Ghost Rd’. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young motorcyclist who in 1958’ish lost control of his bike, ran into a barbed wire fence and was decapitated. Another rendition of this story says that the crash ended with his head being smashed into the large boulder that is at the entrance of the road. It is easy to find the boulder because it has the words ‘ghost road’ spray painted on it (see picture below).

Many have said that if you park on this road at night you may see the white or red glow of the phantom cyclists head or tail lights. You might hear the screams of the young mans last moments. Or it may feel like your car being rocked back and forth by the hands of his restless spirit.

For over 50 years teenagers, the curious and ghost hunters alike have flocked to the area with the hopes of glimpsing something otherworldly.

Stacy, Shanny and I headed out to ghost road for our own investigation. We didn’t just go there to see if there really is a ghost rider but for another reason. Our reason resides in the history of the land.

Scugog has a dark history.

Scugog is the land of the Mississauga people. This is where they lived, hunted and farmed. Then came along the white man. They flooded the land for their own industry and the island of Scugog was made. The Mississauga people were forced to leave their land as they were no longer able farm, hunt or live. Many people starved to death.

As the years passed, the tragedies continued to mount. For those First Nations people who stayed, life was very hard, Christianity was thrust upon them and many had their children taken away by the government.

Not only have 1000’s of the Mississauga people died on the land over the years, there has been deadly fires, and many tragic deaths from vehicle and farm accidents over hundreds of years.

To sum it up, Scugog’s land is plagued with death.

Is it possible that the land itself is haunted by many of those who have died? And not the legend of the phantom motorcycle man.

We think “yes”.

In my experience, Scugog Island feels like it has a dark cloud over it, a heaviness. It has always given me a feeling of mild anxiety, and a general sense of doom. People may feel that I’m crazy because its very pretty, with a nice lake and a quaint feeling of a small town. Most people don’t feel it, the tragic echos of the past and present. There has been so much death and despair over hundreds of years. I feel it and hear it.

Private Home

I was doing a private home investigation and a possible ghost/spirit entered and left the room. I didn't notice it when I was filming because I was about 10 feet away and nowhere near the door nor was anyone else. There was no one else in the house.

Fort York - Toronto, Ontario

The fort was built by the British Army and Canadian militia troops in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to defend the settlement and the new capital of the Upper Canada region from the threat of a military attack, principally from the newly independent United States. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1923.

Ghost Stories: A phantom Redcoat has been spotted near both the barracks and the front entrance. In the 1970s, a member of the naval reserve was jogging along the fort's outer wall, and reported being pulled off by an unseen force. Visitors have also reported peculiar noises of battle including cannon fire and gun fire, on the grounds and in the buildings.

The Officers Quarters has been reported as having a large amount of paranormal activity. A ghostly woman has also been spotted in the Officer's Quarters.

It was in the basement of the Officers Quarters that I captured the EVP of the voice of a child or woman.

Canadian Automotive Museum

The Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario collects and displays the history of the automobile in Canada.

Most people love cars and can become quite attached and sometimes their attachment can last into the after life.

This museum is known to at least 3 spirits residing there.

One ghost is named Cam, a WWI veteran who worked for the car dealership that used to be in the building. He has been known to follow guests around the building acting as a ‘ghostly guide’.

There is a car there that was pulled out of a lake after it crashed with a family of 4 in it. The children and girl and a boy both drowned in the car. They have been heard running around the cars and playing.

Here are some pictures from an investigation. The first set were taken one after the other. Do you see anything?

DSC_0013 (1).JPG

2 pictures taken in succession. Is there a ghost girl behind the wheel?

2017-03-08 01.02.33.jpg

This picture of Karen was taken in the pitch dark with a flash. At the time she felt cold all around her, she also felt dizzy and nauseated and felt like something walked through her. The look on her face says it all.


Ragland Road Cemetery

This is a tiny country cemetery that is no longer in use. The dates on the tombstones go back as far as the early 1800’s. It is a very peaceful spot nestled between two horse farms and behind a duck pond. During a visit Karen felt a gentle presence and began to take some pictures. Many pictures were taken when this anomaly appeared. It is likely not a lens flare as the sun was not in the line of site and there were no reflective surfaces. Was it paranormal?

2017-03-08 01.28.09.jpg
2017-02-08 12.47.22.jpg

Scugog Museum and Archives

The Scugog Shores Museum Village shows what daily life was like in Scugog from the mid to late 1800s. The Museum Village features a log cabin, Lee house, Head School, Head Church and Cemetery, a blacksmith, barns and other historic buildings.

The following are pictures Karen had taken during an investigation in some of these buildings.

The Lee House

This home was owned Joseph Lee and his wife Rosina Harrington. Joseph Lee was a traveling minister which meant that they move a lot. They had a total of twelve children. When Rosina passed away Joseph married another woman and built another home for his family. Another couple lived in the home and it was later abandoned for over 10 years until it was donated to the museum.

There are some stories that the Lee house was a place where women would go to give birth. One room on the first floor was said to be called the “In-and-Out” room where you entered alive and may leave dead.

It was suggested by some that Regina Lee was not the nicest lady and her angry spirit still resides there. It has also been suggested that Mr. Lee was a bit of a womanizer, fuelling Mrs. Lee’s anger.

Apparitions of a woman, a child and an elderly man have been seen in the Lee house located on property. It has been reported that footsteps have been heard on the upper floor of the Lee house, thought to be children as the upper floor was the children's bedroom.

The curtains on the main floor have been reported by staff and visitors to have been pulled aside.

*These pictures where taken by Karen W*

These 3 pictures were taken in succession.

In the picture on the far left there is an orb starting to materialize in the far right of the picture.

The picture in the middle shows the orb fully formed and a dark shadow/mass appearing.

The last picture show the the orb has moved, the black shadow/mass has moved more and there is a streak of light moving from the area of manifestation.

As per Karen, during the investigation, she heard footsteps upstairs. The room upstairs felt heavy with energy and there were significant changes in temperature when the pictures were taken. Karen stated the hair on her arms stood on end and she felt nauseated and dizzy while up there.

Here are some more pictures from that investigation in the same upstairs area.

*These pictures were taken by Karen W*

In the first picture you can see a very faint orb beginning to form in the middle of the door.

The second shows the orb has form and taken a trajectory around up and to the right.

The third picture shows the orb much larger and moving towards the person on the left or the camera.

Head Memorial Church

The Church was built at this location, on Scugog Island in 1860 and continued with an active congregation until 1969. A Tea Room was added to the back of the church in 1914 for meetings, teas, and community dinners.

There have been many reports of people experiencing feelings of sadness and distress while sitting in a specific pew. Others have heard crying in the back room which was used for family viewings and saying one last goodbye. It is believe that a grieving wife paces the aisles of the church.

There have also been reports of seeing the apparition of a Native Canadian boy.

Below are pictures that Karen took of the side of the church.

Faces can be seen in the window…or are they just the trick of the eye?

We posted this in different sizes and exposures to try and enhance the image.

Historic Location - Pickering

This particular building is known for its paranormal activity such as walking, drops in temperature, objects moving, etc.

Karen took this photo and there appears to be a face in the window.

Drummond Hill Cemetery - Niagara Falls

Drummond Hill Cemetery is a nationally recognized heritage site. It is most famously known as the battle grounds of the "Battle of Lundy's Lane", as well as the burial site of Laura Secord. Christopher Buchner purchased 400 acres of land from his father-in-law, James Forsythe, in 1799 and used the top of the hill as a burial ground. It later became the site of a fierce battle between the British and the Americans in 1814. The area became known as Drummond Hill, in honour of General Drummond.

The highest peak of Lundy’s Lane, and here, in 1814 began the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812.  Just under 2,000 men died on the land now called Drummond Hill Cemetery.


Visitors see the fallen soldiers walking across gravestones. Some are limping, dressed as Royal Scots and British Red-Coats, as they trudge up the hill, sadly walking into battle.

During a visit by The Ghost Walks (when on a Niagara Ghost Bus Tour), three guests witnessed them.

As the group left the cemetery, through the front gates, one would look back. She screamed out to the others, “Turn around! Look!”
They saw black figures, like shadows hovered behind headstones.

As quick as the figures appeared, they were gone.

Karen’s visit during a quick photo and video shoot.

Check out the picture of this cemetery on the pictures/video page.